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Texas State licensed CHL instructorsNational Rifle Association (NRA) instructorsFAST DFW is Firearms Academy & Shooter Training of DFW.


We offer TX LTC (License To Carry a Handgun, formerly known as a CHL or Concealed Handgun License) and other classes, but we've just moved to Waxahachie so no classes until April, 2016. 'Like' FAST DFW on Facebook, 'Follow' FAST DFW on Twitter, or watch this website for updates.
Upcoming Public Class Dates:

  March 2016 Update:
We've moved to Waxahachie!

For the latest info & class dates (hopefully resuming in April)
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(972) 523-2865

Effective Jan 1st, 2016 ~ Open carry of [holstered] handguns in Texas
CHL amended to LTC (License To Carry A Handgun).
Current CHL holders ~ No additional or renewal classes required
Simply renew expiring license online at TX DPS website

Visit TX DPS website for details

For Our updates & news
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What We Offer:.

. Firearms & Personal Safety Training (TX LTC, NRA & Tactical) .

. Private Classes & Coaching ~ Groups & Individuals .

. Private Training Facilities .

. Metallic Cartridge Ammunition Reloading Classes .

. Gift Certificates Available Via Email .

$10 Off  LTC (CHL) Class Fee for military, LE, FD, EMS personnel (current/retired) *

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