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Texas State licensed CHL instructorsNational Rifle Association (NRA) instructorsFAST DFW is Firearms Academy & Shooter Training of DFW.


We offer TX CHL (Concealed Handgun License) classes & more, but are currently looking for a new training facility in Ellis County and surrounding areas, so we don't have any new class dates at the moment.

Upcoming Public Class Dates:

  May ~ June 2015:
FAST DFW is Relocating!

For news, relocation updates,
and new class dates once we've moved
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(972) 523-2865

Note ~ April 2015 - FAST DFW is on the move!
We're looking for a new & better training location

NEW CHL Applicants: Class is approx 5 - 6 hours in classroom, plus range time
RENEWAL CHL Applicants: Class is NOT required. Renew online at TX DPS web site

For updates & info about our relocation and other news
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What We Offer:.

. Firearms & Personal Safety Training (TX CHL, NRA & Tactical) .

. Private Classes & Coaching ~ Groups & Individuals .

. Private Training Facilities .

. Metallic Cartridge Ammunition Reloading Classes .

. Gift Certificates Available Via Email .

$10 Off CHL Class Fee for military, LE, FD, EMS personnel (current/retired) *

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